Environment and Social Responsibility


Our Social Responsibility

As an employer and as a business, The Stars Group recognizes our responsibilities to our staff, our customers and the communities in which we operate.

The Stars Group has a long history of active participation in and support for the issues that transcend our company and which reflect positively on the entire online betting and gaming industry.

This means behaving responsibly and ethically in all areas of our business, meeting the high standards and expectations of our customers and stakeholders, and championing the benefits of a safe and enjoyable regulated online betting and gaming industry.

By doing so, we aim to set the standard for internationally licensed online operators, ensure the sustainability of our business, and make the welfare and safety of our customers and our personnel a priority.

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AML and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Policy Statement Download Pdf
Anti Fraud Policy SummaryDownload Pdf
Anti Harassment and Bullying Policy StatementDownload Pdf
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Anti‐Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy Statement Download Pdf
Board Diversity Policy Summary Download Pdf
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Data Protection Policy StatementDownload Pdf
Disclosure Confidentiality & Trading Policy Summary Download Pdf
Equality and Diversity Policy Statement Download Pdf
Global Health and Safety PolicyDownload Pdf
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Responsible Gaming SummaryDownload Pdf
Whistleblowing Policy SummaryDownload Pdf
Environmental PolicyDownload Pdf
Human Rights Policy SummaryDownload Pdf

The above descriptions do not purport to be complete and each is qualified in its entirety by the applicable policy, procedure, statement or guideline.

For additional information about our Code of Business Conduct, see: http://www.starsgroup.com/the-stars-group/investor-relations/corporate-governance

For additional information about our Responsible Gaming activities, see http://www.starsgroup.com/brands/how-we-work/responsible-gaming

For additional information about our Environmental and Sustainability activities, see www.starsgroup.com/our-responsibility/environment-and-sustainability

For additional information about our charitable giving and related activities, see www.starsgroup.com/our-responsibility/helping-hands

Environment & Sustainability

As a global company, we play a key role in seeking sustainable solutions to help limit climate change. We recognise that even the smallest of actions today can have a lasting environmental impact in the future, for better or worse.

For this reason, The Stars Group is committed to consistently reviewing and reducing our potential impact on the environment, taking positive steps to lessen our environmental footprint and encourages our personnel, the communities in which we operate, both locally and globally, as well as our suppliers and vendors to do the same.

We take into account suggestions we receive from our customers, stakeholders and personnel, and have implemented numerous changes and initiatives throughout our business to reflect some of those suggestions.

Green Stars

Many of The Stars Group’s environmental and sustainability activities and initiatives are championed by locally based executive-sponsored working groups sometimes referred to as Green Stars. Green Stars are committed to driving a visible, environmentally conscious and proactive culture within The Stars Group with the goal of changing employees’ habits for the better, both within and outside of the workplace.

Green Stars works within the company to identify opportunities to improve sustainability as well as lessen any negative impact upon the environment or climate change by suggesting lasting and meaningful change.

Over the past 12 months, Green Stars has implemented numerous initiatives at various offices of The Stars Group around the world.

The Isle of Man offices have taken big steps to ensure that disposable plastic items are replaced with environmentally friendly substitutes. Every year, this results in a reduction of an estimated 26,000 fewer plastic bottles and 65,000 fewer single use plastic containers.

The London office has made reducing waste a high priority. They have removed almost all single-use plastic items from that office, resulting in a reduction in waste in this area from 92% to 36%. To encourage recycling, waste bins are no longer featured at each individual desk and vending machines now feature environmentally friendly alternative drinks. Many of The Stars Group’s employees in London have also been busy getting involved in urban beach clean ups at South Bank.

In Malta, while similar commitments to reducing plastic waste and supporting local community clean-ups and city cycling initiatives have been made, the modern design of the office means it also includes sophisticated water reusing features. Elsewhere, such as in Sofia, Dublin and New Jersey, The Stars Group has introduced initiatives such as removing or reducing the use of single-use plastic items, using environmentally friendly air conditioning, implementing office-wide recycling initiatives and providing charging stations powered by zero-energy emission power sources.