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In under two minutes, “Rainman731” becomes first Spin & Go millionaire of 2016

ONCHAN, Isle of Man – February 8, 2016 – Four hands, $100, and less than two minutes was all it took to make Russian poker player ‘Rainman731’ online poker’s newest millionaire after winning a $1 million Spin & Go on PokerStars, an Amaya Inc. (Nasdaq: AYA; TSX: AYA) brand.

This is the first PokerStars Spin & Go millionaire of 2016, after thirteen Spin & Go Millionaires were made in 2015.  What began as a one-off promotion at the $100 buy-in Spin & Go tournament tables has become a popular feature among players and is now running indefinitely on PokerStars. 

Yesterday’s tournament (Tournament #1,470,517,471) started at 6.37 PM Moscow Time on 7 February (10.37 AM US Eastern Time, 3.37 PM GMT) and concluded at 6.39 PM, marking the fastest ever Million Dollar Spin & Go, and a record that may stand for a while.  The fastest previous victory was the millionaire ‘Koovoon’ who won $1 Million in 9 minutes, and 38 seconds in November 2015. 

The runner up was ‘Kman_AP2’ from Canada, who won $100,000. The third-place player was ‘pablotenisis’ from Mexico, who also won $100,000.

The four million-dollar hands:

Hand #1 – ‘pablotenisis’ raised to 41 from the button, ‘Kman_AP2’ re-raised to 122 from the small blind, and ‘Rainman751’ called from the big blind.  ‘Pablotenisis’ then called.  The flop came [9s 3h Qh], ‘Kman_AP2’ bet 60, and ‘Rainman751’ moved all-in for 378 chips, before Kman_AP2 folded.

Hand #2 – ‘Kman_AP2’ raised to 80 from the button, and the other players folded.

Hand #3 – ‘Rainman751’ raised to 40 from the button, and ‘pablotenisis’ moved all-in with [Th Tc].  ‘Kman_AP2’ folded, and ‘Rainman751’ called with [Kc  Ks].  The board ran out [3s 3h 7s 3c Ad], so the pocket kings of ‘Rainman751’ held up.

Hand #4 – ‘Kman_AP2’ raised from the button and small blind with [Ts Qd].  ‘Rainman751’ called with [6h 7h].  The flop was [Qh 6c 5c], giving ‘Kman_AP2’ top pair, and ‘Rainman751’ middle-pair.  ‘Rainman751’ checked, ‘Kman_AP2’ bet 60, and ‘Rainman751’ called.  The turn was [7s], giving ‘Rainman751’ two pair.  ‘Rainman751’ checked again, ‘Kman_AP2’ bet 60, and ‘Rainman751’ moved all-in.  ‘Kman_AP2’ called for only 168 more chips, and the river was [Ac], making ‘Rainman751’ a millionaire.

The player avatar of 'Rainman751' is a character from the ‘My Little Pony’ universe, Princess Luna. 

Including this tournament, the following poker players have won one million-dollar prizes in Spin & Go’s since the beginning of October 2015:

•On 7 February, 2016, ‘Rainman751’ from Russia won $1 million from a $100 tournament in 4 hands and 104 seconds.
•On 14 December, ‘GrindHeaps’ from Australia won $1 million from a $100 tournament.
•On 21 November, ‘Koovoon’ from Canada won $1 million from a $100 tournament.
•On 28 October, ‘ifipushud325’ from Australia won $1 million from a $5 tournament.
•On 26 October, ‘handbt1’ from Germany won $1 million from a $5 tournament.
•On 26 October, ‘barrakuuda4’ from Estonia won $1 million from a $100 tournament.
•On 25 October, ’prophethicks’ from England won $1 million from a $5 tournament.
•On 22 October, ‘wrawras’ from Brazil won $1 million from a $100 tournament.
•On 21 October, ‘Samara Lúcio’ from Brazil won $1 million from a $5 tournament.

Spin & Go's are fast-paced, 3-Max Hyper Turbo tournaments which feature 500 chip starting stacks. Each tournament has a randomly drawn prize pool that will award between two and 10,000 times your buy-in. PokerStars offer Spin & Go's at seven different buy-in levels: $0.25, $0.50, $1, $3, $7, $15, $30, $60 and $100.  In addition, PokerStars is currently running special Christiano Ronaldo editions of Spin & Go’s.  More details are online here:

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