Site Reliability Engineer

Job Type:
Leeds, United Kingdom

Role: Site Reliability Engineer

Come and join a new team to build exciting new products featuring rock-solid stability, high velocity code-shipping and ground-breaking innovation. We’re lean, we’re agile, and devops is at the centre of everything we do! And you’re in good company: you’ll be standing on the shoulders of the giants who created the most popular apps and products of their kind.

Why join the team?

You’ll work on the most critical, strategic projects at the heart of the world’s largest public online gaming business, with funding and opportunities to match our huge ambition 

It’s your chance to work on greenfield developments where you’ll build and run new products that will ultimately be used by millions around the world, building on your career so far and learning new tech skills to solve problems that only exist at this scale 

You’ll be part of the Stars Group tech family, working with the best product and technology professionals, learning new skills and developing yourself in new ways.

What you will do

GSTP’s (Global Sportsbook Trading Platform) Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) function is creating a world-class operations environment and working towards running many services as 2nd-line support.

We believe in the Google mantra of SRE splitting their time between operations work and development work, though for now, there’s less operations and more development.

Your responsibilities will include:

 Developing high-quality CI, monitoring/alerting and automation tools

  • Diving into projects to help them implement operational features
  • Crafting standards on operational matters and rolling them out
  • Consulting across the tribe on best practice

 In future years, that will expand with:

  • Supporting (as 2nd-line) a broad range systems (just those built to our standards)
  • Providing incident analysis, error budget analysis

 SREs are arguably a type of DevOp, and we look for a similar skillset.  Your chances improve with everything you match against these lists:

Skills of an SRE

  • Linux/*nix engineering and administration
  • CI technologies (Jenkins in particular)
  • Docker/Kubernetes proficiency
  • Monitoring and alerting experience (Prometheus, Graphite, Zabbix, Cloudwatch)
  • Support experience of live, public-facing systems
  • Capability in a few programming languages (Nodejs, Go, Java/Kotlin useful)

Behaviours of an SRE

  • A pragmatic, risk-based approach to quality
  • Working to get insight on everything that matters
  • Not letting people do a boring task twice – automate where possible
  • A desire to understand how everything works, from electrons to software patterns
  • Advocate for automation, monitoring and testing tools

Group Sports & Trading Platform

The Stars Group brands have more than 111 million registered customers, forming one of the largest online gaming businesses in the world.From our base in Leeds we are building the next generation sports betting platform which will bring innovation and performance fit for strong growth in our many global markets.  

Much of the platform is truly greenfield, with the best modern technologies and practices being at our disposal. Engineers at all levels have a part to play in our tech decisions and choices. You will be self-motivated and willing to contribute to design at all levels, listening and learning from the talented people around you.  

Together we’ll deliver the Technology that will launch leading edge products into new markets whilst scaling up quickly and cost effectively. Be part of an industry-leading team renowned for delivering customer centric products; our success will help drive Sports revenue growth throughout the Group.

What’s in it for you?

The salary for this job is based on experience, so whilst we are not able to go into detail at this stage, we can say that we offer great salary packages and a discretionary annual performance bonus. We can also provide advice and dedicated assistance to those moving to Leeds.

We offer health and dental insurance for you, your partner and your children (if you all live at the same address). If you have a baby whilst you work for us, we will give you 1000 GBP as congratulations.

In addition to that, we provide the opportunity for a discounted gym membership.

Our in-house training and development team deliver fantastic support in terms of developing your skills and helping you progress your career.