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We aim to be the world’s favorite iGaming destination and the world’s best iGaming employer. Our people take ownership of our brands, invest themselves fully in the company and their team, are willing to voice bold ideas and take calculated risks. Our innovations as a company come from a commitment to challenging what’s around us and a drive to create winning moments, both for players and colleagues.

We are the largest poker business in the world, the fastest growing casino, an up-and-coming sportsbook. We spend every day giving our millions of customers the ability to play the most exciting games in the safest, friendliest environment possible. The Stars Group provides opportunities all over the world in a huge range of roles. Your seat is open.

Join a winning team

When you become part of The Stars Group, you’re given everything you need to push your own boundaries and build the best experience for our players. We invest in continuous training programmes and open workshops for every area of the business, as well as the latest in-house technology stacks and the right support to make your ideas happen.


Our benefits packages are tailored for employees in every location, and could include:

  • Generous remuneration packages and bonuses
  • Personal Interest Allowance
  • Baby Bounty
  • Bike to Work scheme
  • Private healthcare
  • Paid volunteer time
  • Flexible pension scheme
  • Training and development support

Open Positions

Player Support Services

Job TitleJob TypeLocationReferenceApply
Email Support PokerStars - GermanFull-TimeSofia, Bulgaria2271Apply
Email Support PokerStars- RussianFull-TimeSofia, Bulgaria2256Apply
Fraud & Risk Investigator - FrenchSofia, Bulgaria2379Apply
Fraud & Risk Investigator - GermanFull-TimeSofia, Bulgaria2258Apply
Fraud & Risk Investigator - ItalianFull-TimeSofia, Bulgaria2257Apply
Fraud & Risk Investigator - PortugueseFull-TimeSofia, Bulgaria2261Apply
Fraud & Risk Investigator - RussianSofia, Bulgaria2312Apply
Payment Analyst - RussianFull-TimeSofia, Bulgaria2195Apply
Customer Services Specialist - FrenchFull-TimeSan Jose, Costa Rica2078Apply
Customer Services Specialist - GermanFull-TimeSan Jose, Costa Rica2162Apply
Customer Services Specialist - ItalianFull-TimeSan Jose, Costa Rica2212Apply
Customer Services Specialist - PortugueseFull-TimeSan Jose, Costa Rica2211Apply
Customer Service SpecialistMumbai, India2299Apply
Game Integrity Services SpecialistFull-TimeHyderabad, Hyderabad, India2019Apply
Security Services Document Verification SpecialistHyderabad, Hyderabad, India2385Apply
Customer Service Specialist - Danish - Day shiftsDublin, Ireland2421Apply
Customer Service Specialist - Norwegian - Day shiftsDublin, Ireland2366Apply
Customer Services Specialist - Dutch - 6 Month Contract - Day ShiftsDublin, Ireland2309Apply
Customer Services Specialist - Dutch - Day ShiftsFull-TimeDublin, Ireland2226Apply
Customer Services Specialist - French - Six Month Contract - Day ShiftsFull-TimeDublin, Ireland2220Apply
Customer Services Specialist - German - Night ShiftsFull-TimeDublin, Ireland2262Apply
Customer Services Specialist - Portuguese - Night ShiftsDublin, Ireland2418Apply
Customer Services Specialist - Russian - 6 Month Contract - Night ShiftsDublin, Ireland2422Apply
Customer Service Specialist - German - Night ShiftsFull-TimeSliema, Malta2263Apply
Customer Service Specialist - Norwegian - Day shiftsSliema, Malta2367Apply
Customer Services Specialist - Danish - Day ShiftsSliema, Malta2420Apply
Customer Services Specialist - Dutch - 6 Month Contract - Day ShiftsSliema, Malta2308Apply
Customer Services Specialist - Dutch - Day ShiftsFull-TimeSliema, Malta2225Apply
Customer Services Specialist - Portuguese - 6 Month Contract - Night ShiftsSliema, Malta2423Apply
Customer Services Specialist - Portuguese - Night ShiftsSliema, Malta2419Apply
Fraud Investigator - French - Night Shifts - 12 months contractFull-TimeSliema, Malta2209Apply
Fraud Investigator - Italian - Night ShiftsFull-TimeSliema, Malta2286Apply
Fraud Investigator - Russian - Night ShiftsFull-TimeSliema, Malta2126Apply
Senior Customer Service Manager - MaltaSliema, Malta2107Apply
Payment & Security Service AgentLinwood, NJ, United States2346Apply

Business Support

Job TitleJob TypeLocationReferenceApply
Learning FacilitatorSofia, Bulgaria2401Apply
Senior Learning PartnerSofia, Bulgaria2391Apply
Associate Director Internal ControlsFull-TimeToronto, Canada, Canada2180Apply
SOX Audit Senior - Canada (Toronto)Full-TimeToronto, Canada, Canada1870Apply
Audit AccountantFull-TimeDouglas, Isle of Man2096Apply
IP & Litigation CounselFull-TimeDouglas, Isle of Man2061Apply
Senior Audit AccountantFull-TimeDouglas, Isle of Man2095Apply
Senior Workday DeveloperFull-TimeDouglas, Isle of Man1804Apply
Commercial Legal Counsel (Payment Processing)London, United Kingdom2428Apply
IP & Litigation CounselLondon, United Kingdom2315Apply


Job TitleJob TypeLocationReferenceApply
CRM Execution CoordinatorSofia, Bulgaria2376Apply
CRM Execution Project ManagerSofia, Bulgaria2377Apply
Team Leader, VIP Account ManagementFull-TimeSofia, Bulgaria2284Apply
CRM Manager, Full TiltFull-TimeDublin, Ireland2252Apply
Full Stack Web Developer (Marketing)Dublin, Ireland1881Apply
VIP Account ManagerDouglas, Isle of Man2337Apply
Paid Social Media ManagerFull-TimeTel Aviv, Israel, Israel2165Apply
CRM Manager, Full TiltFull-TimeSliema, Malta2250Apply
CRM Sport Executive - SpanishSliema, Malta2295Apply
Database Marketing ManagerFull-TimeSliema, Malta2273Apply
Department Head, VIP Account ManagementFull-TimeSliema, Malta2283Apply
Programmatic ExecutiveFull-TimeSliema, Malta2172Apply
Brand Marketing and Campaign ManagerFull-TimeLondon, United Kingdom2147Apply
Full Stack Web Developer (Marketing)Full-TimeLondon, United Kingdom1880Apply
Paid Social Media ManagerFull-TimeLondon, United Kingdom2164Apply
Programmatic ManagerLondon, United Kingdom2291Apply
Senior Brand Marketing and Campaigns ManagerFull-TimeLondon, United Kingdom2065Apply
Senior CRM Sport Executive – Cross SellLondon, United Kingdom2321Apply
Senior Sports Retention Executive – Cross SellLondon, United Kingdom2340Apply
Senior Sports Retention Executive, UKLondon, United Kingdom2338Apply


Job TitleJob TypeLocationReferenceApply
Sportsbook Trading AssistantDublin, Ireland2417Apply
Sportsbook Trading ManagerFull-TimeDublin, Ireland1963Apply
Sports Operational Specialist (French)Full-TimeSliema, Malta2182Apply
Sportsbook Content & Operations Specialist (Spanish)Full-TimeSliema, Malta2270Apply
Sportsbook Trading ManagerFull-TimeSliema, Malta1964Apply
Senior UX AnalystLondon, United Kingdom2403Apply


Job TitleJob TypeLocationReferenceApply
Front-End Web DeveloperFull-TimeDublin, Ireland2274Apply
IT Software Licence AdministratorDublin, Ireland2394Apply
Senior Javascript Full Stack DeveloperFull-TimeDublin, Ireland1761Apply
Technical Product Manager (Platforms)Full-TimeDublin, Ireland2216Apply
UX DesignerDublin, Ireland1942Apply
Front-End DeveloperFull-TimeDouglas, Isle of Man2028Apply
IT Service Desk SpecialistFull-TimeDouglas, Isle of Man2152Apply
IT Software Licence AdministratorFull-TimeDouglas, Isle of Man1952Apply
Network Operations Virtualisation SpecialistDouglas, Isle of Man2389Apply
Product ManagerFull-TimeDouglas, Isle of Man2022Apply
QA SpecialistFull-TimeDouglas, Isle of Man2113Apply
QA Specialist – Web PokerFull-TimeDouglas, Isle of Man1948Apply
Technical Product Manager (Platforms)Full-TimeDouglas, Isle of Man2215Apply
Test LeadDouglas, Isle of Man2356Apply
Front End DeveloperFull-TimeLondon, United Kingdom2088Apply
IT Software Licence AdministratorLondon, United Kingdom2393Apply
Lead UX DesignerLondon, United Kingdom2336Apply
Mid-Weight UX DesignerLondon, United Kingdom2335Apply
Senior Web Developer SportsbookFull-TimeLondon, United Kingdom1833Apply
Technical Product Manager (Platforms)Full-TimeLondon, United Kingdom2237Apply


Job TitleJob TypeLocationReferenceApply
Casino Games Math DesignerFull-TimeDublin, Ireland1970Apply
Department Head of Casino AcquisitionFull-TimeDublin, Ireland2122Apply
Department Head Of Casino ProductFull-TimeDublin, Ireland1932Apply
Department Head, Casino VIPFull-TimeDublin, Ireland2120Apply
Director of Casino MarketingDublin, Ireland1813Apply
Operations Analytical Optimization ManagerDublin, Ireland2392Apply
Department Head of Casino AcquisitionFull-TimeDouglas, Isle of Man2121Apply
Department Head, Casino VIPFull-TimeDouglas, Isle of Man2118Apply
Director of Casino MarketingDouglas, Isle of Man1786Apply
Senior Casino Manager - Customer RetentionDouglas, Isle of Man1815Apply
Department Head of Casino AcquisitionFull-TimeSliema, Malta2123Apply
Department Head, Casino VIPFull-TimeSliema, Malta2119Apply
Director of Casino MarketingSliema, Malta2280Apply

Business Intelligence

Job TitleJob TypeLocationReferenceApply
Business Analyst Play MoneyFull-TimeDouglas, Isle of Man1510Apply
Business Intelligence Analyst - PokerFull-TimeDouglas, Isle of Man2039Apply
Casino AnalystFull-TimeDouglas, Isle of Man1863Apply
Customer Insight AnalystFull-TimeDouglas, Isle of Man1705Apply
Data ScientistFull-TimeDouglas, Isle of Man1805Apply
Graduate Analyst, Business IntelligenceFull-TimeDouglas, Isle of Man2187Apply
Group Performance AnalystFull-TimeDouglas, Isle of Man2190Apply
Head of Data ScienceFull-TimeDouglas, Isle of Man2045Apply
Loyalty AnalystFull-TimeDouglas, Isle of Man1865Apply
Operations Insight AnalystFull-TimeDouglas, Isle of Man2043Apply
Product & Onboarding Analyst, Business IntelligenceFull-TimeDouglas, Isle of Man1831Apply
Casino AnalystFull-TimeLondon, United Kingdom1864Apply
Customer Insight AnalystFull-TimeLondon, United Kingdom1717Apply
Customer Insight Analyst - Business IntelligenceFull-TimeLondon, United Kingdom1659Apply
Data ScientistFull-TimeLondon, United Kingdom1825Apply
Group Performance AnalystLondon, United Kingdom2361Apply
Head of Data ScienceFull-TimeLondon, United Kingdom2213Apply


Job TitleJob TypeLocationReferenceApply
Game DesignerFull-TimeDouglas, Isle of Man2033Apply
Poker Product ManagerFull-TimeDouglas, Isle of Man2287Apply
Senior Game DesignerDouglas, Isle of Man2365Apply
Live Events Marketing ManagerFull-TimeMacau, Macau2040Apply