Create Winning Moments

We aim to be the world’s favorite iGaming destination and the world’s best iGaming employer. Our people take ownership of our brands, invest themselves fully in the company and their team, are willing to voice bold ideas and take calculated risks. Our innovations as a company come from a commitment to challenging what’s around us and a drive to create winning moments, both for players and colleagues.

We are the largest poker business in the world, and have leading online casinos, and leading and emerging sportsbooks. Every day we provide our millions of customers the ability to play some of the most exciting games in the safest, friendliest environment possible. The Stars Group provides opportunities all over the world in a huge range of roles. Your seat is open.

Join a winning team

When you become part of The Stars Group, you’re given everything you need to push your own boundaries and build the best experience for our players. We invest in continuous training programs and open workshops for every area of the business, as well as the latest in-house technology stacks and the right support to make your ideas happen.


Our benefits packages are tailored for employees in every location, and could include:

  • Generous remuneration packages and bonuses
  • Personal interest allowance
  • Baby bounty
  • Bike to Work scheme
  • Private healthcare
  • Paid volunteer time
  • Flexible pension scheme
  • Training and development support

Business Intelligence

8 Jobs Found
Job TitleLocationReferenceApply
Business System AnalystSofia, Bulgaria4812Apply
Senior Data ScientistSofia, Bulgaria5070Apply
Data ScientistDublin, Ireland4840Apply
Gaming Analyst - CasinoDublin, Ireland4615Apply
Sportsbook Analytics ManagerDublin, Ireland5084Apply
Data ScientistOnchan, Isle of Man4795Apply
Product Insights AnalystOnchan, Isle of Man4074Apply
Sportsbook Analytics ManagerLeeds, United Kingdom5085Apply

Business Support

6 Jobs Found
Job TitleLocationReferenceApply
Senior Gaming AnalystSofia, Bulgaria5076Apply
Senior Gaming AnalystHyderabad, Telangana, India5086Apply
HR Specialist (6 months)Dublin, Ireland5045Apply
Accounts Receivable AnalystOnchan, Isle of Man5089Apply
Finance Marketing AdministratorLeeds, United Kingdom5031Apply
Internal Security AnalystLeeds, United Kingdom5047Apply


79 Jobs Found
Job TitleLocationReferenceApply
DevOps EngineerSofia, Bulgaria3897Apply
DevOps Engineer (Information Security and Infrastructure)Sofia, Bulgaria4149Apply
DevOps Engineer (StarsWeb)Sofia, Bulgaria4391Apply
Front End JS DeveloperSofia, Bulgaria4960Apply
Front End Web DeveloperSofia, Bulgaria4163Apply
Java Developer (Advanced)Sofia, Bulgaria5041Apply
JAVA Master DeveloperSofia, Bulgaria5066Apply
Java Web DeveloperSofia, Bulgaria5068Apply
QA AnalystSofia, Bulgaria4788Apply
QA Casino Games TesterSofia, Bulgaria5087Apply
QA Engineer (Sportsbook)Sofia, Bulgaria3883Apply
Scrum MasterSofia, Bulgaria4404Apply
Senior Front End Web Developer (Web Gaming)Sofia, Bulgaria4910Apply
Senior Full Stack DeveloperSofia, Bulgaria4426Apply
Senior Mobile Developer - AndroidSofia, Bulgaria3705Apply
Senior React DeveloperSofia, Bulgaria4789Apply
Senior Software Developer (Middle Tier)Sofia, Bulgaria4934Apply
Senior Software Developer (Sportsbook)Sofia, Bulgaria3904Apply
Senior Software Developer (Web Poker)Sofia, Bulgaria3507Apply
Solutions ArchitectSofia, Bulgaria4153Apply
Test Automation Engineer (StarsWeb)Sofia, Bulgaria4967Apply
Web Developer (Web Poker)Sofia, Bulgaria4169Apply
Application Security EngineerToronto, Ontario, Canada4007Apply
Business Analyst - CasinoToronto, Ontario, Canada5004Apply
Database AdministratorToronto, Ontario, Canada4003Apply
Java Middletier Web DeveloperToronto, Ontario, Canada4703Apply
Linux Systems AdministratorToronto, Ontario, Canada4089Apply
Project Manager - LicensingToronto, Ontario, Canada4741Apply
Senior DevOps EngineerToronto, Ontario, Canada5022Apply
Senior DevOps Engineer - WebToronto, Ontario, Canada4285Apply
Senior Linux Systems AdministratorToronto, Ontario, Canada4090Apply
Senior Software Developer (Web Poker)Toronto, Ontario, Canada4582Apply
Senior Systems EngineerToronto, Ontario, Canada4747Apply
Senior UI DeveloperToronto, Ontario, Canada4324Apply
Software DeveloperToronto, Ontario, Canada3979Apply
Software Developer - BackendToronto, Ontario, Canada4147Apply
Systems AdministratorToronto, Ontario, Canada4948Apply
Systems AnalystToronto, Ontario, Canada4081Apply
Systems Integration Analyst - ITToronto, Ontario, Canada4612Apply
Systems Integration Analyst - PaymentsToronto, Ontario, Canada4851Apply
UI DeveloperToronto, Ontario, Canada4628Apply
Web Developer (Web Poker)Toronto, Ontario, Canada4901Apply
Regional IT Support AnalystDublin, Ireland4108Apply
Senior Software Developer (Web Poker)Dublin, Ireland4756Apply
Web Developer (Web Poker)Dublin, Ireland4900Apply
Web/UI DesignerDublin, Ireland4962Apply
IT Service Desk SpecialistDouglas, Isle of Man4739Apply
Junior Regional IT Support AnalystSt Julian's, Malta4817Apply
Associate Director of Product, Global TradingLeeds, United Kingdom4522Apply
Delivery ManagerLeeds, United Kingdom4541Apply
Department Head of ArchitectureLeeds, United Kingdom4929Apply
Department Head of Engineering MobileLeeds, United Kingdom4513Apply
Department Head of Platform - UK TeamsLeeds, United Kingdom4918Apply
DevOps EngineerLeeds, United Kingdom4502Apply
iOS EngineerLeeds, United Kingdom4510Apply
iOS EngineerLeeds, United Kingdom5063Apply
Lead Software EngineerLeeds, United Kingdom4340Apply
PMO AnalystLeeds, United Kingdom4543Apply
Principal EngineerLeeds, United Kingdom4446Apply
Principal Performance TesterLeeds, United Kingdom4993Apply
Product OwnerLeeds, United Kingdom4368Apply
Product OwnerLeeds, United Kingdom4485Apply
Regional IT Support AnalystLeeds, United Kingdom3952Apply
Scrum MasterLeeds, United Kingdom4504Apply
Senior Business AnalystLeeds, United Kingdom5026Apply
Senior Product ManagerLeeds, United Kingdom4478Apply
Senior Product ManagerLeeds, United Kingdom5025Apply
Senior Software Engineer (Javascript)Leeds, United Kingdom4379Apply
Senior Software Engineer (Kotlin)Leeds, United Kingdom4436Apply
Senior Test Engineer (iOS)Leeds, United Kingdom5040Apply
Site Reliability EngineerLeeds, United Kingdom5088Apply
Software EngineerLeeds, United Kingdom4493Apply
Software Engineer (Java)Leeds, United Kingdom5072Apply
Software Engineer (Javascript)Leeds, United Kingdom4548Apply
Software Engineer (Kotlin)Leeds, United Kingdom4430Apply
Test EngineerLeeds, United Kingdom4421Apply
UI DesignerLeeds, United Kingdom4520Apply
Backend EngineerAustin, TX, United States5037Apply
DevOps EngineerAustin, TX, United States4677Apply


36 Jobs Found
Job TitleLocationReferenceApply
Affiliate Manager - PokerSofia, Bulgaria4662Apply
Affiliate Senior Manager - SportsSofia, Bulgaria4660Apply
Junior Mailer DesignerSofia, Bulgaria5077Apply
Affiliate Manager - PokerOnchan, Isle of Man5018Apply
Affiliate Senior Manager - SportsOnchan, Isle of Man5019Apply
Affiliate Manager - PokerSt Julian's, Malta4319Apply
Affiliate Senior Manager - SportsSt Julian's, Malta4316Apply
Associate Director of Casino CRMSt Julian's, Malta4809Apply
Casino Marketing Acquisition ManagerSt Julian's, Malta4928Apply
Database Marketing ManagerSt Julian's, Malta4269Apply
German VIP Account ManagerSt Julian's, Malta5043Apply
Senior Marketing Project ManagerSt Julian's, Malta4953Apply
Ad Ops SpecialistLeeds, United Kingdom4927Apply
Affiliate Manager - PokerLeeds, United Kingdom4671Apply
Affiliate Senior Manager - SportsLeeds, United Kingdom4669Apply
Department Head, New Customer Acquisition PerformanceLeeds, United Kingdom4813Apply
Digital Marketing ManagerLeeds, United Kingdom4577Apply
Lead Designer - SportsLeeds, United Kingdom4206Apply
Lead Motion Graphics DesignerLeeds, United Kingdom4138Apply
Media & Market Development Manager - BrazilLeeds, United Kingdom4435Apply
Media & Market Development Manager - CanadaLeeds, United Kingdom4807Apply
Motion Graphics and 3D Design ManagerLeeds, United Kingdom4641Apply
Production CoordinatorLeeds, United Kingdom4554Apply
Senior Ad Ops SpecialistLeeds, United Kingdom4926Apply
Senior Content ManagerLeeds, United Kingdom4264Apply
Senior Manager Advertising OperationsLeeds, United Kingdom5039Apply
Senior Manager, New Customer Acquisition PerformanceLeeds, United Kingdom4664Apply
SEO Manager - Technical & ReportingLeeds, United Kingdom4884Apply
Social Media AnalystLeeds, United Kingdom4936Apply
Digital Creative DesignerLos Angeles, CA, United States4833Apply
Performance Marketing Analytics ManagerCherry Hill, NJ, United States4823Apply
Senior Affiliates ManagerCherry Hill, NJ, United States5073Apply
Senior CRM ManagerCherry Hill, NJ, United States4808Apply
Senior Marketing Commercial ManagerLos Angeles, CA, United States4899Apply
Senior PPC ManagerCherry Hill, NJ, United States5046Apply
VIP Account ManagerCherry Hill, NJ, United States5003Apply


3 Jobs Found
Job TitleLocationReferenceApply
Sportsbook Trading AssistantDublin, Ireland5006Apply
Sportsbook Content SpecialistCherry Hill, NJ, United States5083Apply
Trading Operations SpecialistCherry Hill, NJ, United States5081Apply


2 Jobs Found
Job TitleLocationReferenceApply
Casino Product SpecialistDublin, Ireland3781Apply
Casino Project ManagerDublin, Ireland4731Apply


2 Jobs Found
Job TitleLocationReferenceApply
Department Head of Poker UXOnchan, Isle of Man4297Apply
Monetization Manager (CRM)St Julian's, Malta5042Apply