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We aim to be the world’s favorite iGaming destination and the world’s best iGaming employer. Our people take ownership of our brands, invest themselves fully in the company and their team, are willing to voice bold ideas and take calculated risks. Our innovations as a company come from a commitment to challenging what’s around us and a drive to create winning moments, both for players and colleagues.

We are the largest poker business in the world, and have leading online casinos, and leading and emerging sportsbooks. Every day we provide our millions of customers the ability to play some of the most exciting games in the safest, friendliest environment possible. The Stars Group provides opportunities all over the world in a huge range of roles. Your seat is open.

Join a winning team

When you become part of The Stars Group, you’re given everything you need to push your own boundaries and build the best experience for our players. We invest in continuous training programs and open workshops for every area of the business, as well as the latest in-house technology stacks and the right support to make your ideas happen.


Our benefits packages are tailored for employees in every location, and could include:

  • Generous remuneration packages and bonuses
  • Personal interest allowance
  • Baby bounty
  • Bike to Work scheme
  • Private healthcare
  • Paid volunteer time
  • Flexible pension scheme
  • Training and development support

Open Positions

Business Intelligence

Job TitleJob TypeLocationReferenceApply
Azure Data EngineerSofia, Bulgaria4165Apply
Data ScientistSofia, Bulgaria4284Apply
Senior SQL DWH DeveloperSofia, Bulgaria3095Apply
SQL Server DWH Infrastructure DBASofia, Bulgaria3691Apply
Casino AnalystDublin, Ireland3924Apply
Sportsbook Analytics ManagerDublin, Ireland4605Apply
Business System AnalystOnchan, Isle of Man4429Apply
Data ScientistOnchan, Isle of Man3926Apply
Product Insights AnalystOnchan, Isle of Man4074Apply
Data ScientistLeeds, United Kingdom3687Apply
Digital Insight AnalystLeeds, United Kingdom3949Apply
Gaming AnalystLeeds, United Kingdom3735Apply
Sportsbook AnalystLeeds, United Kingdom3972Apply
Sportsbook Analytics ManagerLeeds, United Kingdom3973Apply

Player Support Services

Job TitleJob TypeLocationReferenceApply
Customer Support Operations Manager - Night ShiftSofia, Bulgaria3605Apply
Email Support PokerStars - French - Day ShiftsSofia, Bulgaria3732Apply
Email Support PokerStars - German - Day ShiftsSofia, Bulgaria3722Apply
Email Support PokerStars - German - Night ShiftsSofia, Bulgaria3723Apply
Email Support PokerStars - Italian - Day ShiftsSofia, Bulgaria3728Apply
Email Support PokerStars - Italian - Night ShiftsSofia, Bulgaria4411Apply
Email Support PokerStars - Portuguese - Day ShiftsSofia, Bulgaria3721Apply
Email Support PokerStars - Russian - Day ShiftsSofia, Bulgaria3729Apply
Email Support PokerStars - Spanish - Day ShiftsSofia, Bulgaria3730Apply
Fraud, Risk and Payment Specialist - German - Day ShiftsSofia, Bulgaria4410Apply
Fraud, Risk and Payment Specialist - German - Night ShiftsSofia, Bulgaria4326Apply
Fraud, Risk and Payment Specialist - Italian - Night ShiftsSofia, Bulgaria3835Apply
Fraud, Risk and Payment Specialist - Portuguese - Day ShiftsSofia, Bulgaria4581Apply
Fraud, Risk and Payment Specialist - Russian - Night ShiftsSofia, Bulgaria3836Apply
Fraud, Risk and Payment Specialist - Spanish - Night ShiftsSofia, Bulgaria3834Apply
Game Integrity Services Bot SpecialistSofia, Bulgaria4380Apply
Product Manager - Operations Tech FocusSofia, Bulgaria3801Apply
Customer Services SpecialistHyderabad, Telangana, India3907Apply
Document Verification SpecialistHyderabad, Telangana, India3756Apply
Game Integrity Services Bot SpecialistHyderabad, Telangana, India3809Apply
Customer Services Specialist - German - Day ShiftsDublin, Ireland4216Apply
Customer Services Specialist - Italian - Day ShiftsDublin, Ireland4323Apply
Customer Services Specialist - Polish - Day ShiftDublin, Ireland4570Apply
Customer Services Specialist - Russian - Day ShiftsDublin, Ireland4606Apply
Customer Support Operations ManagerDublin, Ireland3600Apply
Fraud, Risk and Payment Specialist - Spanish - Day ShiftsDublin, Ireland3845Apply
Game Integrity Services Bot SpecialistDublin, Ireland4215Apply
Product Manager - Operations Tech FocusDublin, Ireland3803Apply
Customer Service Specialist - French - Day ShiftsSt Julian's, Malta4217Apply
Customer Services Specialist - Norwegian - Day ShiftsSt Julian's, Malta3620Apply
Fraud, Risk and Payment Specialist - French - Night ShiftsSt Julian's, Malta4192Apply
Fraud, Risk and Payment Specialist - Italian - Night ShiftsSt Julian's, Malta4191Apply
Game Integrity Services Bot SpecialistSt Julian's, Malta3807Apply
Customer Service AdvisorLinwood, NJ, United States4226Apply
Fraud, Risk and Payment SpecialistLinwood, NJ, United States4233Apply
Game Integrity Services SpecialistLinwood, NJ, United States4202Apply

Business Support

Job TitleJob TypeLocationReferenceApply
Employer Brand SpecialistSofia, Bulgaria4574Apply
Facilities AssistantSofia, Bulgaria4575Apply
Game Designer, MonetizationSofia, Bulgaria4437Apply
Office AssistantSofia, Bulgaria3975Apply
Payments Product ManagerSofia, Bulgaria4076Apply
Product Owner – WEB FrameworksSofia, Bulgaria4439Apply
Talent Acquisition CoordinatorSofia, Bulgaria4471Apply
Talent Acquisition Specialist - ITSofia, Bulgaria4257Apply
Compensation and Benefits ManagerToronto, Ontario, Canada4161Apply
Manager, IT Internal ControlsToronto, Ontario, Canada4260Apply
Product Owner – WEB FrameworksToronto, Ontario, Canada4440Apply
Senior Financial Analyst - Corporate ConsolidationsToronto, Ontario, Canada4321Apply
Senior Manager, Group TaxToronto, Ontario, Canada4451Apply
Human Resources Specialist (6 month contract)Dublin, Ireland4576Apply
Compliance ManagerDouglas, Isle of Man4571Apply
Corporate Integrity Analyst - BriberyOnchan, Isle of Man4306Apply
Corporate Integrity Analyst – Due DiligenceOnchan, Isle of Man4558Apply
Finance ManagerOnchan, Isle of Man4250Apply
Information Security EngineerDouglas, Isle of Man4472Apply
Internal Security AnalystDouglas, Isle of Man4287Apply
Junior Accounts Payable AdministratorOnchan, Isle of Man4438Apply
Payments Manager (6 month contract)Douglas, Isle of Man4422Apply
Trainee Finance AnalystOnchan, Isle of Man4249Apply
Financial Crime Manager - MLROSt Julian's, Malta4307Apply
Office Assistant (6 month contract)St Julian's, Malta4555Apply
Consultant CS Acquisition Agent – Asia (Remote)Philippines4067Apply
Product/HomeGames Consultant– Asia (Remote)Philippines4068Apply
Associate Director, Group TaxLondon, United Kingdom4364Apply
Corporate Development ManagerLondon, United Kingdom4479Apply
Department Head of UI DesignLeeds, United Kingdom4447Apply
Department Head of UX ArchitectureLeeds, United Kingdom4450Apply
Employee Engagement SpecialistLeeds, United Kingdom4515Apply
HR Compliance PartnerLondon, United Kingdom4433Apply
Internal Security AnalystLeeds, United Kingdom4610Apply
Senior Internal AuditorLeeds, United Kingdom4373Apply
UX ArchitectLeeds, United Kingdom4473Apply


Job TitleJob TypeLocationReferenceApply
Game Designer (Poker)Sofia, Bulgaria3899Apply
Poker Product ManagerSofia, Bulgaria4298Apply
Full Stack DeveloperDublin, Ireland4070Apply
Department Head of Poker UXDouglas, Isle of Man4297Apply
Game Designer (Poker)Douglas, Isle of Man4198Apply
Game Designer (Poker)St Julian's, Malta4199Apply


Job TitleJob TypeLocationReferenceApply
Department Head of ProductSofia, Bulgaria4111Apply
DevOps EngineerSofia, Bulgaria3897Apply
DevOps Engineer (Information Security and Infrastrcuture)Sofia, Bulgaria4149Apply
DevOps Engineer (StarsWeb)Sofia, Bulgaria4391Apply
Front End Web DeveloperSofia, Bulgaria4163Apply
Java Middletier DeveloperSofia, Bulgaria4350Apply
Java Middletier Web DeveloperSofia, Bulgaria4289Apply
QA AnalystSofia, Bulgaria4386Apply
QA Casino Games TesterSofia, Bulgaria3672Apply
QA Engineer (Sportbook)Sofia, Bulgaria3883Apply
Scrum MasterSofia, Bulgaria4404Apply
Senior Business Analyst (Sportsbook)Sofia, Bulgaria4154Apply
Senior DevOps Engineer (StarsWeb)Sofia, Bulgaria4392Apply
Senior Front End Developer (Sportsbook)Sofia, Bulgaria4188Apply
Senior Full Stack DeveloperSofia, Bulgaria4426Apply
Senior Java Middletier DeveloperSofia, Bulgaria4349Apply
Senior Mobile Developer - AndroidSofia, Bulgaria3705Apply
Senior QA Engineer (Sportsbook)Sofia, Bulgaria4117Apply
Senior Server DeveloperSofia, Bulgaria4291Apply
Senior Software DeveloperSofia, Bulgaria3507Apply
Senior Software Developer (Sportsbook)Sofia, Bulgaria3904Apply
Solutions ArchitectSofia, Bulgaria4153Apply
Tech Lead (Sportsbook)Sofia, Bulgaria3903Apply
Web Developer (Web Poker)Sofia, Bulgaria4169Apply
Web Middle-tier DeveloperSofia, Bulgaria4341Apply
Application Security EngineerToronto, Ontario, Canada4007Apply
Automation Test DeveloperToronto, Ontario, Canada4106Apply
Automation Test DeveloperToronto, Ontario, Canada4482Apply
Business Systems Analyst - CasinoToronto, Ontario, Canada4128Apply
Database AdministratorToronto, Ontario, Canada4003Apply
DevOps Engineer - CasinoToronto, Ontario, Canada4563Apply
Full Stack Web DeveloperToronto, Ontario, Canada4140Apply
Graphic Artist - 12 month FTCToronto, Ontario, Canada4300Apply
Linux Systems AdministratorToronto, Ontario, Canada4089Apply
Machine Learning Engineer/Data ScientistToronto, Ontario, Canada4325Apply
Project Manager - CasinoToronto, Ontario, Canada4448Apply
Project Manager - ITToronto, Ontario, Canada4562Apply
Project Manager - LicensingToronto, Ontario, Canada4142Apply
Project Manager - PokerToronto, Ontario, Canada4205Apply
QA Analyst - PokerToronto, Ontario, Canada4230Apply
Senior Business Systems Analyst - PokerToronto, Ontario, Canada4167Apply
Senior Client DeveloperToronto, Ontario, Canada4129Apply
Senior Core Platform Server DeveloperToronto, Ontario, Canada4204Apply
Senior DevOps EngineerToronto, Ontario, Canada4109Apply
Senior DevOps Engineer - ProductToronto, Ontario, Canada4071Apply
Senior DevOps Engineer - WebToronto, Ontario, Canada4285Apply
Senior Linux Systems AdministratorToronto, Ontario, Canada4090Apply
Senior Project Manager - LicensingToronto, Ontario, Canada4218Apply
Senior QA AnalystToronto, Ontario, Canada4564Apply
Senior Software DeveloperToronto, Ontario, Canada4115Apply
Senior Systems EngineerToronto, Ontario, Canada4194Apply
Senior UI DeveloperToronto, Ontario, Canada4324Apply
Software DeveloperToronto, Ontario, Canada3979Apply
Software Developer - BackendToronto, Ontario, Canada4147Apply
Systems AnalystToronto, Ontario, Canada4081Apply
Systems EngineerToronto, Ontario, Canada4196Apply
Virtualisation SpecialistToronto, Ontario, Canada4087Apply
Web Middle Tier DeveloperToronto, Ontario, Canada4322Apply
Front End Web DeveloperDublin, Ireland4026Apply
Java Middletier DeveloperDublin, Ireland4559Apply
Mobile QA EngineerDublin, Ireland4023Apply
Regional IT Support AnalystDublin, Ireland4108Apply
Regional IT Support ManagerDublin, Ireland4362Apply
Senior Mobile ArchitectDublin, Ireland4251Apply
Senior Software Developer (Core Server)Dublin, Ireland3799Apply
Delivery Manager (Infrastructure)Douglas, Isle of Man4242Apply
Infrastructure Service ManagerDouglas, Isle of Man4310Apply
Junior IT Service Desk SpecialistDouglas, Isle of Man4219Apply
QA Specialist (Maternity cover)Douglas, Isle of Man4288Apply
Team Lead, IT SystemsDouglas, Isle of Man4225Apply
Department Head of DeliveryLeeds, United Kingdom3902Apply
Department Head of ProductLeeds, United Kingdom4246Apply
Infrastructure Service ManagerLeeds, United Kingdom4484Apply
Lead Software EngineerLeeds, United Kingdom4340Apply
Lead Solutions ArchitectLeeds, United Kingdom4540Apply
Product OwnerLeeds, United Kingdom4367Apply
React DeveloperLondon, United Kingdom3777Apply
Regional IT Support AnalystLeeds, United Kingdom3952Apply
Senior Software Engineer (Kotlin)Leeds, United Kingdom4444Apply
Senior Software Engineer (Kotlin)Leeds, United Kingdom4436Apply
Software EngineerLeeds, United Kingdom4378Apply
Software Engineer (Kotlin)Leeds, United Kingdom4430Apply
Tech LeadLeeds, United Kingdom4445Apply
Test EngineerLeeds, United Kingdom4421Apply
Mobile DeveloperAustin, TX, United States4294Apply


Job TitleJob TypeLocationReferenceApply
CRM Execution Coordinator - PokerSofia, Bulgaria4331Apply
CRM Promotions Operations ManagerSofia, Bulgaria4271Apply
Database Marketing ManagerSofia, Bulgaria4265Apply
Web PublisherSofia, Bulgaria4135Apply
Employer Brand SpecialistToronto, Ontario, Canada4119Apply
Media & Market Development Manager - CanadaToronto, Ontario, Canada4434Apply
Casino CRM ManagerDublin, Ireland4565Apply
CRM Project ManagerOnchan, Isle of Man4566Apply
Affiliate Manager - CasinoSt Julian's, Malta3399Apply
Affiliate Manager - SportsSt Julian's, Malta4316Apply
Affiliate Senior Manager - CasinoSt Julian's, Malta4318Apply
Affiliate Senior Manager - PokerSt Julian's, Malta4319Apply
Affiliate SpecialistSt Julian's, Malta4317Apply
CRM Project ManagerSt Julian's, Malta4337Apply
CRM Sport Executive - FrenchSt Julian's, Malta3935Apply
Database Marketing ManagerSt Julian's, Malta4269Apply
Poker CRM Communications SpecialistSt Julian's, Malta4601Apply
VIP Account ManagerSt Julian's, Malta4262Apply
VIP Account Manager - GermanSt Julian's, Malta4518Apply
Affiliates Consultant - Asia (Remote)Philippines4019Apply
Advertising CreativeLeeds, United Kingdom4179Apply
Associate Director - AdvertisingLeeds, United Kingdom4178Apply
Associate Director of CreativeLeeds, United Kingdom4561Apply
Brand and Campaign Manager - SportsbookLeeds, United Kingdom3989Apply
Campaign and Planning Executive - SportsbookLeeds, United Kingdom3990Apply
Campaign ManagerLeeds, United Kingdom4214Apply
Department Head of Brand & Campaign PlanningLeeds, United Kingdom4560Apply
Digital Animation DesignerLeeds, United Kingdom4456Apply
Digital Marketing Delivery ManagerLeeds, United Kingdom4457Apply
Digital Media Planner BuyerLeeds, United Kingdom4600Apply
Display, Mobile and Video Advertising ManagerLeeds, United Kingdom4577Apply
Lead DesignerLeeds, United Kingdom4137Apply
Marketing Delivery ManagerLeeds, United Kingdom4552Apply
Marketing Executive - SportsbookLeeds, United Kingdom3999Apply
Media & Market Development Manager - BrazilLeeds, United Kingdom4435Apply
Middleweight CopywriterLeeds, United Kingdom4320Apply
Motion Graphics DesignerLeeds, United Kingdom4209Apply
PPC ManagerLeeds, United Kingdom4419Apply
Print DesignerLeeds, United Kingdom4454Apply
Production CoordinatorLeeds, United Kingdom4554Apply
Production ManagerLeeds, United Kingdom4553Apply
Research AnalystLeeds, United Kingdom4573Apply
Senior Advertising ManagerLeeds, United Kingdom4181Apply
Senior Brand Marketing and Campaign ManagerLeeds, United Kingdom4213Apply
Senior Content ManagerLeeds, United Kingdom4264Apply
Senior CopywriterLeeds, United Kingdom4465Apply
Senior CreativeLeeds, United Kingdom4182Apply
Senior Creative ProducerLeeds, United Kingdom4519Apply
Senior Digital Animation DesignerLeeds, United Kingdom4138Apply
Senior Graphics Designer - SportsLeeds, United Kingdom4206Apply
Senior Manager - Social Media Analytics & InsightLeeds, United Kingdom4248Apply
Senior Media & Marketing Manager MMD UKLeeds, United Kingdom4224Apply
Senior ProducerLeeds, United Kingdom4334Apply
Senior Research AnalystLeeds, United Kingdom4572Apply
Shooting ProducerLeeds, United Kingdom4384Apply
Social Media ProducerLeeds, United Kingdom4336Apply


Job TitleJob TypeLocationReferenceApply
Sportsbook Content Specialist - GermanDublin, Ireland4589Apply
Sportsbook Trader - Night ShiftDublin, Ireland4449Apply
Trading Administration Assistant - Part TimeDublin, Ireland4593Apply
Sportsbook Content Specialist - GermanSt Julian's, Malta4332Apply
Sportsbook Content Specialist - LATAMSt Julian's, Malta4190Apply
Sportsbook Operational Specialist - FrenchSt Julian's, Malta4110Apply


Job TitleJob TypeLocationReferenceApply
Casino Games Studios ManagerDublin, Ireland4346Apply
UI/UX/Visual DesignerDublin, Ireland4443Apply